The Joy of Creative Self-Sufficiency

September 19, 2012



It sounds too simple to be true but creativity leads to freedom. Many people associate creativity with the arts and artists but I’m speaking of a broader definition of creativity. Almost everything we do on a daily basis has creativity behind it. To think, to do, to speak all require some creative thought. That’s why we have such distinct and recognizable habits, like how we brush our teeth or what we wear to work, school or social engagements.

I recently went through a four year period that was very gloomy and my natural human creative spirit was diminished. I felt empty and life seemed pointless even though by today’s standards I can be easily categorized as “lucky”. Thankfully the gloom is slowly lifting and I find that simple day to day activities like cleaning my room, doing my laundry and cooking, when approached with a creative mind, can lead to endless joy.

One of the things I’ve been fretting about is the state of our garden at home. ¬†All during the gloomy times I kept telling myself that I have to motivate and start working on the garden. I went over it and over it in my mind but I guess it’s not surprising that when your life is gloomy, your connection to life and living things like plants is not exactly blooming. Time marches on and one day Lo! You finally find yourself in Kahala at Barnes and Noble looking through organic gardening books. I found an excellent book called Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, a three pound tome packed with wonders.

My main and ongoing first aim for the garden was figuring out how to make a compost bin so I could start recycling food waste at home. A lot of vegetables are consumed at my house and it always pained me to throw away the ends and peelings and whatnot. I talked about a compost bin a lot but I lacked the creative energy to make a move and just do it. So glancing through the books, what I was looking for was one that could show me how to just do it. The encyclopedia has clear and concise instructions on the compost issue and so much more, but I started there. The book recommends using recycled materials and I had loads of wood from various incomplete projects rotting under hedges around the house.

This is where creativity came to my aid and it had nothing to do with painting or drawing. Following the compost related criteria, I found a suitable location and simply used everything that was available to me, including a fence and a water pipe, to create a shabbily built yet perfect compost bin. I spent five hours clearing up the area and pruning and trimming trees and bushes. Once the bin was built I put all my green trimmings of the day along the bottom of the bin and by evening we had our first crop of food waste to deposit on top. Today the gardeners left sacks of dried leaves and grass cuttings which went straight in the bin instead of the trash. This little beginning will lead to self-sufficiency not only in the vegetable garden but in all aspects of my life because it confirms that with a healthy creative mind, all issues can be gently resolved.

The net result, on a broader happiness scale, has been astounding. I was so happy all day yesterday while working on the project and all night afterwards. Today I was humming and singing jolly made up tunes, even and especially in the shower. This peaceful happiness, derived directly from applying my creative mind has freed me from gloom and solidified my commitment to never be gloomy again. So you see, one doesn’t have to know how to draw or paint to be creative. Cultivating a happy creative life leads directly to freedom.


Art B][zaar – Local Emerging Artists/Intellectuals

April 19, 2012

[OFF]hrs Creative Presents: Art B][zaar – Local Emerging Artists/Intellectuals

date: Thursday, April 19
time: 6:00-8:30 pm
admission: No cover

Using a synthesis of diagrammatic and artistic imagery, this artist and bioengineer duo will attempt to cover some of the current practices of industrial farming, covering major topics such as genetic engineering, agrochemical use, social and environmental impact, and finally an alternative method of farming using modern organic practices.

Juanita Matthews, PhD, 2010. Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, University of Hawaii. Dr. Matthews is a research scientist with a background in genetic engineering. She is co-founder of Sustainable Saunders and co-founder and director of programs and research for MUSE – Make us a Sustainable Earth, a nonprofit organization that strives to create a more sustainable earth by empowering the public through educational programs which integrate the arts and sciences.

Sheri Lyles, MFA Candidate, University of Hawaii at Manoa. Sheri’s education and career in the healthcare sciences as an ARDMS registered cardiovascular technologist influences her work as an artist as her initial interests in human health have directed her toward food and the natural environment as one of the basic necessities for disease prevention. Along with some images of her artwork, she will share some of her research and experiences in organic farming in India.


Thursdays at thirtyninehotel

April 19, 2012

Thursdays at thirtyninehotel

date: Thursday, April 19
time: 5:00pm
admission: No cover

Thursday nights means Mojitos at the big three-nine. According to the scholarly gents and ladies of the American Society for Preservation of Traditional Mojito Crafstmanship, thirtynine’s Mojito’s are the best in our local galaxy cluster. Take that Andromeda!


Artilect with DJ Halo Tonight at thirtyninehotel

April 15, 2012

Kscope Tonight at thirtyninehotel: Clones of the Queen and Alt/Air

April 13, 2012

Kaleidoscope with Art/Air and Clones of the Queen

date: Friday, April 13
time: 9:00pm
admission: $5

Once again the Kscope gang and their exended family (and you know who you are, yes you) meet for an indie rock family reunion of sorts. This time the favorite cousins wield the gavel: Alt/Air and Clones of the Queen. If you know what that means then high-fives all around. If you don’t then it’s high time you met your new kin. See you friday night. Plus it’s Ross Jackson’s birthday. He’s your new big brother so give him a hug.

Kscope Friday Night

January 12, 2012

Souls will Clap Tonight at thirtyninehotel with DJ Eskae and the Nocturnal Gang

July 29, 2011

date: Friday, July 29
time: 9:00pm
admission: $5

DJ Eskae sez: “We’re coming up on five years now pretty soon. Thanks for rocking with me for so long and keeping this Chinatown institution so fun!!!” Regular readers of this newsletter know what Soul Clap is all about. If not, well you better come down this Friday and find out. Get in free with your Art After Dark wrist band. Woof!!


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