Koogle Peanut Butter really existed.

Often when sitting around at thirtyninehotel I like to regale my friends and associates with stories of old. One of my favorite tales is the Epic of Koogle Peanut Butter. As the story goes, Koogle was a flavored peanut butter for children that was around for a few years in the 70’s before it disappeared. The flavors were banana, chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon.

In my version, I tell of a T.V. advertisement featuring a group of kids jumping around excitedly at a birthday party when suddenly the Koogle Eyes Peanut Butter Man comes crashing through a wall, much to the children’s delight. As I recalled, the Koogle Man was basically a walking jar of peanut butter with eyes circling 360 degrees around his body with each eye slightly offset from the next.  Immediately after the wall crash he would spin around, creating an effect with his unique eye arrangement which, for a small child, would be something akin to a psychedelic experience.

Because of the tale’s absurd nature, most listeners scarcely believed such a product existed, especially one marketed by the Koogle Eyes Peanut Butter Man, who, when described, sounds like a monster. In fact after telling the story on numerous occasions in a rich variety of company, I never came across another person who remembered Koogle. Over time I came to doubt it myself. (Did I dream it?)

Well, much like how modern archeology lends credence to legends of old, Google has proven the Epic of Koogle to be true. Granted, I was mistaken on some of the details, but considering the story is about something I ate when I was four, my memory is understandably hazy. For example, the part about the kids at a party is probably my own invention. Likely I confused it with Kool-Aid’s party-crashing, anthropomorphic pitcher of sugar water — the one that says “Oh yeah.” But as the illustration demonstrates, the Koogle Eyes Man was in fact real, as was Koogle Peanut Butter. Touché nonbelievers.

-Mark Chittom

34 Responses to Koogle Peanut Butter really existed.

  1. Selena says:

    “and it doesn’t make my mouth stick together.” Oh Yeah!


  2. Mark Chittom says:

    ha ha! do you remember me talking about this peanut butter? i think i made it more confounding because i actually thought it was called “kookily eyes peanut butter.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Neat, was just sending this same story to a friend……..but somehow I called it “google” must the “times”

      ;o) thanks for the story to mail!

  3. Bob says:

    Well, being a child of the seventies, I actually convinced my mother to buy me some Koogle back then – the chocolate flavor. It tasted slightly better than industrial sludge as I recall. Ah, the memories.

  4. Corey says:

    Koogle was real! I liked the banana flavor.
    I’ve been searching for the commercial featuring the Koogle man, with the “koo-koo-koogly eyes”

  5. Tee says:

    I don’t remember it crashing through a wall, but there was definitely something about the eyes–like Mark said, Koogily eyes? I remember that in the jingle.

    • Mark Chittom says:

      i think there was something about the eyes in the jingle or the commercial too. that could be why the product failed. i was describing it to a friend one time and she said, “peanut butter and eyes don’t mix.” i have to agree.

  6. carri says:

    I was so happy to find this on google! My sister and I both remember Koogle but have never been able to find anyone else who did. If it wasn’t for my sister, I would also have thought I was making the whole thing up! Thanks, Mark, for finding this! :0

    • Mark Chittom says:

      Thanks for commenting Carri! My sisters don’t remember Koogle — maybe because I had the name wrong when I asked. I remembered it incorrectly as “Kookily Eyes Peanut Butter,” which, of course, sounds utterly ridiculous. There are a handful of us hazy memory folks out there — we seem to be few and far between. But at least we didn’t dream it! :)

  7. Jim Bricker says:

    I also have had many instances where people claim to have never heard of Koogle and look at me like I have 3 heads when I describe it. Yes, the jingle with the koo koo koogly eyes stills rings in my head when I spread peanut butter to this day.

    My favorite flavors were vanilla and cinnamon.

    Sure wish they would give it another try.

  8. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Like you, I often tell people about this magical peanut butter, but even my mother, who obviously bought the stuff back in the day, denied ever having heard of it!

  9. Jennifer says:

    I loved the vanilla flavor and saw a website on the results page to sign a petition to bring it back, I’m going there next! I could have lived on the stuff back in the day.

  10. Robert Adams says:

    I remember it and wish they’d bring it back!

    • Teddie says:

      I really liked this peanut butter I liked the banana flavor. I think it was the flavor of the South, I too wish they would bring this peanut butter back to the shelves. Maybe they could use a more catchy brand name. It did have a wonderful flavor.It was very disappointing when I could not find this peanut butter again. Teddie

  11. Larry T says:

    I have very vivid memories of this product when I was a kid, even the lyrics to the Koogle commercial permanently burned into my brain:

    *jaunty music plays, Koogle monster enters room through doorway*
    Here comes Koogle with the Koo-koo-koogly eyes
    (Monster): Koogle flavoured peanut spread
    Four big flavours in a big peanutty surprise
    (Monster): Banana, chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla
    What do you do-ogle with peanutty Koogle
    (Monster): Spread it on a sandwich or a cracker or a bun
    First you Koogle it, then you chew-gle it
    (Monster): And then you’ll Koogle it one more time!
    You’ll love Koogle in your favourite grocery buys
    (Monster): You’ll find Koogle at your store-gle
    Peanutty Koogle with the Koo-koo-koogoly eyes
    (Monster): Megaloogalicious (?)

    If you were local I would sing it to you so you could recall the musical tune….

    My sister loved this stuff, she always wanted us to buy the disgusting cinnamon one… myself, I would only eat the chocolate, it was a little like Nutella….

  12. Ciairra says:

    I vividly remember Koogle Peanut Butter…I ate it practically every day (the Chocolate Peanut Butter) for both breakfast and lunch. I’ll always remember the commercial…lol. It disappeared in the mid to late 70’s…as it came out when I was born in ’71. Great stuff!! :)

  13. Gerald Martin says:

    The banana Koogle was my favorite. Chocolate was the other one I liked. Never cared for the smell of the vanilla or cinnamon as a child but those would probably be my favorites now. Kraft definitely needs to bring Koogle back. I loved breaking open that seal with all the eyes on it.

  14. Renee says:

    I remember sneaking into the pantry after kindergarten and eating the banana flavor peanut butter right out of the jar with a spoon. I’ve told many people about Koogle and nobody believed me. I’m glad I stumbled across this as proof.

  15. PaulH says:

    Too funny! I was just asking my sister if she remembered it.
    Thanks for the rest of the lyrics!!

  16. jeff says:

    hi kraft foods i’m jeff and i love your adds i think koogle peanutbutter should change thier formula to make it safe to eat

  17. Bret says:

    Banana flavor was my favorite. I could only remember the Koo-Koo-Koogly eyes part of the theme song, though.
    That was for lunch, only after I had a bowl of Pink Panther Flakes cereal for breakfast!! And a Marathon candy bar for snack. Ahh, the 70’s!!

  18. warpig says:

    I remember this stuff! I was in 2nd grade (1972-73)…funny that alot of kids from that era have no recollection of it.

  19. I remember this but it wasnt around long and i was like 5 years old.looking back i remember there were likeover 10 flavors and there was a picture of a owl with big eyes on the jar, it came in mixed flavors spun in the jar also.

  20. Jacqueline Bennett says:

    yay! I’m not crazy! No one EVER knows what I’m talking about when I reminisce about Koogle (the banana variety, please).

  21. Tonja says:

    This is great! I Googled, Koogle… which brought me here! My older daughter (born in ’71) and I have talked fondly of Koogle over the years, in fact just within the last couple of months. I think it would be wonderful if it was brought back. I just hope we Koogle fans wouldn’t be disappointed, they might change the formula.

  22. Anonymous says:

    There was indeed another commercial with the googly-eyed monster dancing around. I don’t remember the birthday party or him crashing through the wall, but I wouldn’t doubt that part. I definitely do remember the psychedelic eye spinning. I have scoured the internet looking for that commercial.

  23. Kram says:

    You are not alone for I also have memories of eating koogle. I so miss that taste. I don’t really remember the commercial but I remember the taste.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad to find this post – I thought I’d imagined it myself! My sister nicknamed me Google (Koogle) years ago – probably because of my crazy eyes.

  25. Jan K says:

    My family was a faithful purchaser of Koogle. I still remember how good it is…was. Nutella just doesn’t compare well enough to be a substitute. I’d buy Koogle for sure!!!!!

  26. Teddy says:

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  27. james salazar says:

    Man, God bless you for validating my own experiences with this GREAT peanut butter which I too recollect sampling at the age of four. I will never forget the taste if it. You didn’t even need jelly if you had Koogle. Wish it came back man.

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